Watercress omelette

Remember the sopa de agriao that I made last week? To make it, I bought quite a lot of watercress and, by Wednesday, it was starting to droop and look sad. What could I do? Unfortunately I really, really can’t eat fresh watercress. It’s way too strong; a hundred times worse than strong arugula!

I stood there, watching the sad watercress, and then noticed that it looked quite a lot like spinach. And spinach is something that I’m more used to using.

So I made an omelette.

And it was good.


While you’re following the next steps, heat a small pot with a tiny bit of water, salt and the watercress and let it wilt on a low fire. Very little water; very low fire.

Start by heating your ham and onion on a non-stick pan

I used frozen onion and ham because that’s what I had (just in case you noticed something strange in the photo)

when the onion starts to become translucent, add either white wine or beer.

I used beer for the first time and the omelette had a very different, strange, malty taste. I liked it.

When the wine or the beer has evaporated, it’s ready.

Mix it into the eggs, that you’ve gently whipped with milk, salt and pepper.



Now add the watercress and keep on mixing
Pour everything into the non-stick pan (the same one. If you need to, drizzle a little bit of olive oil). Spread out the solid ingredients so that they are well distributed.
After about 3 mins (depending on how much omelette you have) turn it and turn the heat off. Leave it in the pan and it will keep on cooking without burning.
Done! Doesn’t it look festive and pretty?
I like my omelette with a diced tomato salad, with basil, salt and pepper. Simple but a perfect combination of flavours. Mayo would have been good to but I only just thought of that!

This is an omelette I will definitely make again!

3 Comments on “Watercress omelette

  1. Quindi water cress e cress sono due piante diverse? Io compro quelle vaschette di germogli che spesso hanno entrambi i nomi, ma sono più piccoli di quelli che hai usato tu, e lo chiamo crescione.


    • Penso che siano uguali, ma nella vaschettina sono i germogli e quelli che ho usato io sono le piante cresciute!


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