Mini Breakfast Quiche

I’ve always wanted to try those bread-bacon-egg savoury muffins that people keep making and showing off on social media.

So this morning, when we woke up way too late for breakfast but slightly too early for lunch, I made my own version.

DSC_3036 copy

The bacon was actually guanciale, which is the pig’s cheek, all spiced up and then dried. But bacon would work absolutely fine. Or even ham, or salmon! I cooked it first and got rid of the melted fat.

Add the spring onion and the bacon to the egg white, milk, salt and pepper mix.


Cut your puff pastry into squares and shape it gently in your muffin baking tray.


Add a spoonful of egg white mix


And the mozzarella, shredded.


You will always have more egg whites than yolks, so here I made four quiche with yolks and two without.


Spoon more of the egg white mix on top of the yolks and mozzarella.


Bake for 15-20mins at 150^C or until the white of the eggs is firm. Remember however that the mozzarella will release some water.


I might have filled mine slightly too much 😀 But they were very good anyway!

Happy Sunday!


2 Comments on “Mini Breakfast Quiche

    • It really was! Let me know if you do, I’d love to see how they turn out in someone else’s hands 😊

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