Breakfast, lunch brunch or dinner…this dish is great anytime!

Come on, stop looking at me like that! Eggs can be eaten any time of day. I, like Hazel Grace, am against the segregation of eggs to breakfast and brunch.

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Hazel Grace’s word, directly from The Fault in our Stars.

So here’s what I had for lunch the other day. I find that asparagus have quite a strong taste that goes really well with both parmesan and eggs. My mother used to make this for us all the time

And it’s so simple that one photo is more than enough.


Asparagus. Get them fresh, and boil them in salty water with the base of their stems in the water and the tops out, absorbing all the vapour. I discovered that they cook beautifully when you put the fire on low (so it’s just simmering) and then go take a quick shower. When you come out, they should be ready (we don’t want soggy veggies now do we?). Take the asparagus out of the water, let them drip on a kitchen towel and arrange them on a plate.

Butter. Slice the butter ultra thin and place it on the still-warm asparagus, in the same place you’re going to put your egg so when the hot egg arrives the butter will melt into buttery butterfullness.

Parmesan. Grate or slice thinly some parmesan or other cured cheese and put it on top of the butter.

Egg. When I buy eggs I try to get the “free-range” ones. See this post for more info on how to buy the best possible eggs. Here all I did was fry the egg in a non-stick pan until the white was cooked and the yolk still runny. But that’s just the way I like it. Place the egg on top of the butter and parmesan, add



and enjoy!

4 Comments on “Breakfast, lunch brunch or dinner…this dish is great anytime!

  1. Jeez that looks good! I might have to post this one to my blog hah


    • Please do! It was good and easy….what more can you want?!


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