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Making Wontons

which we then ate

Red Cabbage

Post-Christmas recipe

Zucchini cream. With curry.

Fresh and healthy

My 2016 Thanksgivings

There were three. In three different countries, too!

Leftover Turkey Soup

One of the many, many things you can do with leftover turkey

Midnight snack

aka chicken-egg toast

Ravioli di Zucca

So easy it’ll make you cry

Autumn Quiche

Because suddenly it’s Autumn and I feel like eating something Autumny!

Throwback Thursday…

to a very good fish lunch

Throwback Thursday…

…to when we had dinner with Franco.

Butternut Squash Cream

Healthy and heart-warming

Summery stuffed tomatoes

Fun, fresh and zesty. Everyone’s going to love this new recipe!

Shortcrust Pastry (the second)

My second recipe for shortcrust pastry. I like this one more!

The Fish Market

Yes, another one. But this is in a different country!

Dinner in Cuenca

And what a dinner!

Beef salad

Perfect for a healthy lunch on a hot summer day

Paprika Pasta!

A Spanish twist on an Italian favourite

Frozen smoothie

Right here, right now

The port

It might have not been a good idea

Improvised Strawberry Birthday Cake

This was the easiest cake ever.