Oven Baked Cipollini Onions

I love onions. I’m not even sure what I love about them, but onions are simply marvellous. And there are so many different varieties to choose from! One of my favourite ways of cooking them is oven baked, when they become sweet and crunchy and silky and so so satisfying. A fantastic side dish to any meat or fish and a great plate for a picnic lunch with cheeses and cold cuts.

Peel your onions. Cipollini onions are not easy to peel, since the skin holds on to the bulb quite tightly and you want to choose the smallest ones you can find. You will need a knife.

In an oven-safe pan, toss the cipollini with brown sugar, salt and pepper and spread around chunks of butter.

Now bake these pretty little things for about 20 mins. Take them out of the over, add some more butter and move them around.

They’re done when a fork inserted into a one of the larger onions goes in without resistance.

Serve them hot or cold, with or without roasted tomatoes as companions 😉



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