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Octopus Quinoa

It’s great even served cold on a hot day at the beach!


The Delta’s Beach

We’re going to come back here for sure!

The Swimming Pool?

I tried to jump in but….


There were quite a few!

Orchid Madness

Number 25

A Walk in the Delta of the Llobregat

The first post about a very interesting day!

Seafood Bisque

so thick and yummy!

Tübingen’s Windows

yet another thing I am obsessed with…

Orchid Madness

Number 24

Unfocused ants

modern photography

Salmon Flowers

I really had fun making this – and so many variations are possible!

Tübingen’s signs

There were so many!

Spider Webs in the Fog


Orchid Madnes

Number 23

2 is company, 100,000 is a crowd

so so many!

Scrambled Eggs

the best start to a day

Tübingen’s market

Markets are my pet peeve

Orchid Madness

Number 22

Ant Attack!

which is pretty scary for a Jumanji-scarred girl

Rice with creamy leftover chicken

easy easy and really tasty!