Remembering the cold

Today in Ravenna it’s freezing. Not summery at all. So as I was browsing through my photos and ideas for a post I found the Lofoten folder.


We stopped at this church on the way to somewhere. My father had it dogeared in the guide book and we got off the car in the light and breezy beginning of a snow blizzard. Oh yes, I forgot to mention – we went to the Lofoten islands in March.

So off we get, in the middle of nowhere, and start clumping through the snow towards a tiny white church further down. And as we walked, the snow became stronger and the cold sharper. But still we walked and took photos.

This is what we saw.

Honestly, it was a great stop. If only I could remember what the church was called!

DSC_9494 copy

DSC_9549 copy

DSC_9526 copy

DSC_9536 copy


DSC_9502 copy

DSC_9500 copy

DSC_9498 copy


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