Poppies in Art

Inspired by my mini-series Spring in Serracines, which is where we now live, I wanted to see how many artists had chosen to draw poppies in their paintings. Either as the feature or as a sick-kick.. This is what I found. Or better – these are the best ones I found. My favourite? Mucha (of course!) and, strangely enough, Munch’s one. Although Klimt seems to be particularly interested in wild flowers…

Klimt’s meadows, in which poppies are a highlight
Matisse, above, and Warhol, below. Such passion!
monet vangogh poppies
Monet’s very famous painting (above) and Van Gogh’s lesser known painting, both an exuberance of poppies
munch boudin poppy painting
Look at how quaint Munch’s girl is, leaning awkwardly to take a closer look at those huge poppies. Boudin’s (on the right) are slightly more scattered… A true still life.
Two young girls (Mucha on the left and Emile Vernon on the right) in similar positions, very languidly enjoying the summer
tiffany poppy lamp
Tiffany! Isn’t this lamp gorgeous?!
vases van gogh stefan luchian poppies poppy flower
And of course, vases of poppies. All of them differently painted but all of them very colourful and detailed. I like Van Gogh’s – the one on the right – best.

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