Pinocchio’s Fairy’s ride

When I was young, my father did not read me Pinocchio. But when my sister was born, we both got to hear the amazing, alice-in-wonderland-ish real story of Pinocchio, so much more detailed and intricate than the cartoon. Which was quite scary, really, and never one of my favourites.

But of the whole book, the arrival of the Fairy (The Fairy with the Turquoise Hair – La Fata dai Capelli Tuchini is the original name) is the passage that stayed with me. And last week, during an impromptu trip to Rome, I saw the book on a shelf and thought that maybe a short post on this little jewel of literature wouldn’t be a bad idea.

So here it is.

Our book's cover
Our book’s cover


The inside. Such style! Modern books are not made with so much care.


He doesn’t really look like a good boy.
The passage in question.

“Soon, out of the stables came a pretty carriage that was the colour of air, padded with canary feathers and lined with whipped cream and custard with sponge biscuits. The carriage was pulled by one hundred pairs of little white mice, and the Can-barbone (the groom) sitting on the driver’s seat, cracked his whip left and right like a driver when he’s afraid to be late.”

Amazing stuff, huh? The colour of air? Worthy of Lewis Carroll.

And here she is, the blue-haired fairy.


Pinocchio, running towards his adventures!

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