Working on my zen attitude

This week has been bad. Stressful. Chaotic. Hectic. Bad.

I barely got through Monday.

I struggled through Tuesday.

Wednesday was like walking waist-deep in melted marshmallows.

Now, it’s Thursday and the storm seems to have passed. I still have kazillions of things to do, but we’re nearly there. Tomorrow at 18:00 the week will be officially finished and I will be able to breathe (and walk) normally. By the by, I’ve learnt how to say kazillion (which is, in English, a gigantically big number of incredibly large proportions) in Spanish: mogollones de trillones. And it’s all thanks to this commercial (that, incidentally, is plastered on about 100m of my metro station’s walls).

Anyway, in conclusion, this week has been bad and I need to work on my Zen attitude. Not sure how though. I’ll have to look it up.

In the meantime, here’s a very, very zen photo I took in Thailand a few years ago.

DSC_1001 (37)

2 Comments on “Working on my zen attitude

  1. Tieni duro, è quasi finita! Non conoscevo il termine Kazillions, infatti quando l’ho letto ho pensato fosse una licenza poetica italiana XD


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