Frozen berries – a different perspective

We had a problem with our fridge.

The problem is that on the back wall of the machine large slates of ice form and the ice starts taking over the whole thing. Like an ice invasion. Slowly, slowly the ice advances until suddenly you look and your jams, tidily aligned behind everything, have their own little jar-shaped dent in the ice. You can still take them out, but just.

And when you take them out and look inside, half of the jam is frozen and the first thing you think is I have a macro lens.

This is a brief photo shoot of our half-frozen blueberry jam.





Honestly, I thought the colours were breathtaking. When the crystals started melting, we ate the jam with a little bit of yoghurt then got up and took all the ice away from the fridge.

In two months, we’ll be back to step 1.

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