Octopus salad

Here in Spain, octopus is something that you can find easily. But nearly always, it’s “a la Gallega”, which means “Galician style”: boiled, sliced, with salt and paprika sprinkled generously over it. The problem? First, it’s always the same stuff. Second, I’m allergic to paprika. And while octopus is sortof good by itself, it really is better with some help from other food friends.

This salad is extremely easy to assemble and will definitely make you stand out, whether you offer it to some friends or during a formal buffet, or even if you take it to work as a packed lunch (like we do).

Here’s what you need

DSC_3282 copy

Boil the baby potatoes in generously salted water. I buy my octopus already cooked, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to cook your own.

Aren’t the colours gorgeous?

Now. Slice the tomatoes and the octopus, dice the potatoes and toss everything with the rucola salad, salt, oil and a drop of fresh lemon juice.

this photo didn’t come out to well, but you get the gist…

If you’re taking it to work, I strongly suggest you pack the potatoes, octopus, salt oil and lemon together. The tomatoes in a different tupperware and the salad in a sealed plastic bag. Assemble everything at work to avoid overnight sogginess and show off your upscale packed lunch!

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