aMAIZing corn

How fantastic is corn? Or maize, whichever you prefer.

People seem to use it and abuse it without any thought.

There are people everywhere

Chomping on popcorn, eating all the extra tasty ones first even during the film’s quiet, dramatic parts;

Getting corn unavoidably lodged between their teeth as they bite into that ear, warm butter dribbling down their chin;

Licking the spoon after dumping the last bit of creamed corn in their plate, and then sliding their finger around the bowl to make sure there’s none left;

Scooping up the flow of sausage sauce with the gooey polenta as the women in dirndls dance unwatched;

Watching the cows munch on the cornmeal they bought for double the price – and they’re loving it;

Buying corn oil at the supermarket and not knowing the difference between that, sunflower oil and peanut oil;

Frying batches and batches and batches of tortilla (corn!) chips in corn oil for six days a week and not standing the dark, sticky taste of corn anymore;

Dipping their corn chips fried in corn oil into the melted cheese that was made by cows that eat corn, and licking their fingers every time.


Corn is simply aMAIZing, pardon the pun, and we should all be more grateful that we have developed and evolved so well to fit each other’s needs.

11:18 remembering summer2

Long live our aMAIZingly successful co-evolution.

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