Rumbo al Norte – Day 3

We drove through fog.

It was a strange fog – not at all like Ravenna’s, that’s thick and arrives ninja-style, slamming itself on the road and blocking your view completely and then, just as suddenly *bam!* it’s gone. No, the fog here in Galicia is like a distracted young girl with a shawl of fog, jumping around from valley to mountain to river to coast. Light and breezy, when you slide into a fog cloud here you’re under a soft, floaty cover that doesn’t let you see far but that you can drive through really easily.

Santiago had quite a few tourists. Not as many as in summer, I’m sure, but compared to Braga and the Bom Jesus, it was crowded. We strolled through the town’s historical centre: tiny roads, columns, little shops, bakeries.


Tourist stands with kitsch souvenirs.



Then, the cathedral. Statues. Gold and huge chandeliers, added later, I’m told. Money to be paid, not to enter the cathedral but to go see the most interesting part: the Arch of Glory. Ten euros.



Too much for us – we decided to keep on walking around the town.



We looked for the famous shells of Santiago.



And then we went to eat some in a local restaurant. Zamburiñas are the smaller version of these famous scallops: they’re sweeter and tastier and we ate quite a few! And we also tried the seaweed spaghetti (yep!) with mussels: like spinach but with a strong taste of sea and with a stronger texture, we really liked those, too.



Then, after two hours of roaming and eating, we bought the Tarta de Santiago, got in the car and drove to the end of the Earth.

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