Rumbo al Norte – Day 8: Santillana del Mar


This little medieval village is known to be three times a liar: neither saint (“sant”) neither flat (“llana”) neither on the sea (“del mar”).


What is it, instead, is tiny.


The tourist office is very helpful: they give you a large map with all the important places to see.


And then what you do is you walk. Walk up to the cathedral, walk behind it, and then walk back to the main road via another cobblestoned road.


The nice thing is that no cars can come in. And again: in winter it’s deserted.


The typical food here is a kind of sponge cake (sobao) that you drink with milk (milk is seriously important in the North). There’s a lovely little shop that sells some in front of the cathedral.



A relaxing stop.


What I liked best was buying little coconut biscuits from the cloistered nuns whose convent is on the main road. The most beautiful nun turned the little window and gave us the most yummy biscuits I’ve eaten in a while.




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