The perfect combination

This isn’t a recipe. It’s a connection, a combination, something that when you put in your mouth, will make you feel simply perfect. Like when you mix red and blue. It’s not a recipe, but a blend that has no equivalent.

First, get some beef. Any cut will do, but it has to be beef. If you’re well-off, filet is the best.

Next, buy some cherry tomatoes. Wash them, dry them, slice them in half and toss them in a bowl with salt, pepper, olive oil and brown sugar. Sear them, stirring often, until they start to become soft and the sugar starts to thicken the oil.

Get some arugula. Fresh, with a zing. Do nothing to it, maybe just wash it if you need to.

Cut your parmesan in thin, transparent slices that break when you pick them up. Try not to pick them up too many times before they reach the plate.

Cook the meat. I like it rare. Add just some oil, salt and pepper, if you want.

And now, for the magic spell. The beef, the arugula, the tomato and the parmesan. But wait! I forgot the ingredient that makes everything come together: balsamic vinegar. From Modena, if you can. Not that chemical stuff, or the cheap one you bought at the discount store. The real thing. The one that makes you wonder why exactly it shares a name with that liquid called vinegar – it has absolutely nothing to do with it.



Simply perfect.

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