Salsa Verde (with leftover beef wellington)

I know this is probably hard to hear, but we had leftover beef wellington. I guess I just made too much. And the puff pastry had become wet and soggy, so I took the meat out and looked at it. Not bad, I thought, but how can we eat it?


I made the most amazing salsa verde ever, whipped up a frivolous salad et voila!

Here’s how I made the deliciously easy salsa verde:

DSC_3988 copy

and parsley, of course


expertly stripped of the stalks by Boyfriend 🙂

Put the caper berries (that are oh so much better than simple capers), dijon mustard, olives (I used taggiasche, aka cailletier, a very very tasty Italian type) and parsley into the blender. If the mix is too dry, add some very high quality olive oil carefully until you reach the right texture.



And it’s ready! All you have to do now is spread it on your leftover beef (in our case, wellington) and enjoy it with some pine nut salad




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