Improvised ravioli

Last Sunday we were invited to a friends’ house. They had had trouble making homemade pasta, so thought to invite two hardy Italians to help them and then eat the results.

I am happy to say that the day went well, the pasta was made and came out as scrumptious as everyone had wished for. There was one slight hitch, however, during the pasta-making process: we finished the spinach and ricotta filling. Ops. So there we were, a kitchen and four chefs covered in flour, looking at each other and trying to think of a genius plan. Make four eggs of tagliatelle? Make a sauce? Make maltagliati?

Then one of the friends opened the fridge. Let’s just make a different filling, he said, with whatever we have. We all peered in the fridge. Out came the philadelphia cheese. Out came the broccoli. Out came the limes, the lemons, the apples and the kiwis. Out came the tomatoes, the manchego cheese, the tuna and the salmon. Out came the last package of ricotta. Out came the lettuce. And we deliberated, just like a true Masterchef team must do when the options are limited.

What we ended up choosing was the ricotta (to be on the safe side – we weren’t sure how the philadephia cheese would behave inside the pasta), the smoked salmon and the limes.

We blended the salmon, not to a pulp but enough to shred it; mixed it with the ricotta, the lime zest, salt and black pepper the proceeded to fill the ravioli. I didn’t think to take photos or write down the quantities, but I believe it was about 100-150grs of smoked salmon, 250gr of fresh ricotta and less than 1/4 of a lime zest.

The result was excellent. Especially after having eaten the quite good but standard ravioli with spinach filling, these little satchels of mouth-watering tastiness were a welcome surprise! Simply, delicate and original – what more do you need?


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