Hemingway’s garden

Here you can find the beginning of this story.

And in this post you will see the photos of Hemingway’s finca in Habana.

Unlike his actual house, the garden was neat and uncluttered. The silence, as I mentioned in the last post, was incredible.

There was the bell, right above his front door. Was this the inspiration for the novel “For whom the bell tolls”? We thought so.


The trees luscious and green, creating shady areas and sheltering the path that took from the house to his swimming pool. And what a swimming pool!


It was a pity it was empty

The white wooden structures around the pool were clearly once covered with climbing plants, maybe wisteria, maybe passiflora, maybe clematis. I could imagine the long tentacles of flowers drooping towards the cool water in which some ladies, clad in full-bodied bathing suits, laughed and Hemingway with a handful of guests sipped mojitos and lounged in shorts on the cast iron chairs.


There were some climbing plants around the house, but not around the pool.


His boat was also in the garden. Obviously brought there after his death and placed so as to be easily accesible to tourists, Pilar gave me the impression of being old and barely alive. A boat shouldn’t be out of the water, in a garden on a hill. It just didn’t feel right.



There was also a mini dog cemetery. Apparently all of Hemingway’s dogs were much loved and…nearly all of them black? Well, at any rate, three out of four had “black-inspired” names. 😀

DSC_1035In the post about Hemingway’s house, I put photos of his “studio” (the one with the typewriter and the telescope). Well, the view from there was breathtaking… no wonder he felt inspired to write when he was up there!



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