Patriotic Eating

On the 2nd of June 1946, after the fall of fascism, Italians were called to vote on what kind of government they wanted. When the votes were counted, the royal family was sent into exile and Italy became a Republic. Apart from when we win important football games with out national team, every year this is the day we really feel Italian.

In Spain, basically nothing happens. Yes, I could try and go to the celebrations held by the Embassy, but I always forget to check beforehand and find myself completely unprepared when the time comes.

So this year I had a fantastic Patriotic lunch. And honestly, you can’t get more Mediterranean than this


Green: string beans, cooked about 4mins in very little hot salted water. Steamed, basically, and still crunchy.

White: a dollop of fresh ricotta with salt, pepper and pine nuts. The garnish is basil, of course.

And Red: delicious datterini tomatoes (from Sicily) with an olive oil dressing, basil and capers.

The Italian flag. Patriotism on a plate.


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