Rumbo al Norte – Day 5

We left A Coruña without visiting it. We had pondered if to skip it or not and hadn’t really reached any conclusion. And then this morning an Instagrammer said we absolutely had to go to the most beautiful bench in the World, so off we went.

Skipping A Coruña.

We drove through valleys, across mountains and past rows and rows of wind turbines. That I find particularly fascinating, going against most naturalists I know. They’re so tall, and strong, and so efficient. So clean, and white, and pretty. So epic. When I see a wind turbine, I look up like a five year old seeing a tree for the first time.


We drove next to the old road that used to take cars up and down this elbow of Galicia in the 1950s. And imagined blondes closing their eyes and breathing in the mountain air while their beaux zoomed them to some breathtaking viewpoint.


We saw cows. So many cows. The cows saw us, too.


We drove over a few rivers, having nearly reached the ocean, and saw a roman bridge. And turned back (driving the navigator crazy) to take a photo.


Then, after driving up a narrow road, through a thick eucalyptus forest with absolutely gorgeous dry orang ferns, we arrived to the Acantilabos de Loiba.


It was quite spectacular.



And I’m not sure what the ranking is or what bench is in the second, third or even fourth place but… this was definitely a very good place to put a bench. Well played, Galicia. Well played.


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