Rumbo al Norte – Day 7: chasing dinosaurs

Somewhere, we read that there were dinosaur tracks on the Asturian coast.

So after Gijon and the Universidad Laboral, we found a website that told us where to find them and drove down the mountains to the ocean.

Because Asturias is like that. You’re driving in a forest surrounded by steep slopes and even cows mooing around and suddenly the road slips down et voila! you’re at a beach.


Unfortunately the first beach we got to in the early afternoon was deserted. Playa de Meron, to be exact. Not a soul around. The only sign that we were in the right place was just that – a sign that said that there were dinosaur tracks but not where we could find them. And no internet, either.


So we improvised and looked around and this is what we saw

DSC_9076 copy

With only our cameras, our hiking shoes and a deep breath, we crossed the perilous, rocky beach and, sprayed by the waves that were coming in with the tide, got to a flat ledge that looked prehistorical enough.

A pretty Tertiary-looking rock, me thinks.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see any tracks.

Which was a pity, because we had really made a big effort.

We drove to the next dinosaur track site and found a teeeeeny little fisherman’s village called Tazones.


Here there were more people and a kind barman told us that with high tide we would never be able to reach the tracks.

DSC_9226 copy

The tide always seems to be working against us during this vacation!

So we threw in the towel and decided that we weren’t paleontologists and weren’t really that interested (although we kindof were) and started driving towards our hotel.

I guess we’ll come back for the dinosaurs and the community of Asturias will either have put up some decent signs or taken them away all together. As they are now, they’re pretty useless.


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