Pumpkin Spice Cream

When my mother said “add ginger”, I said no.

Pumpkin cream with ginger? That’s disgusting. Why would anyone add ginger to pumpkin cream??

“and curry”, she said.

I don’t even like curry. Well, I only like some dishes with curry. Chicken, for example. Beef. Vegetables

First, I shopped up the pumpkin, taking the skin away. I tossed it with olive oil, salt and pepper and baked it in the oven for about one hour.


By the time it was soft and gooey, I had been convinced to try this new recipe. Pumpkin cream with curry and ginger.

pumpkin title copy

Put the soft pumpkin in a large pot with the onion and some broth. If you’re using a bouillon cube (even a homemade one!), add the cube and some warm water. Add the curry and the ginger – powdered, or fresh, whatever you prefer.


Let the pumpkin and onion and broth cook together for about 20 minutes and the water evaporate.

While you’re waiting, why not prepare the garnish?

What I made (and was much appreciated) was three little bowls. One with grated cheddar, one with peeled pumpkin seeds and one with my favourite sour cream sauce that goes well with basically everything! The sauce is either real sour cream or, if you don’t have sour cream, plain yoghurt or even greek yoghurt with olive oil, salt and pepper.


Once the pumpkin is cooked, taste for salt and curriness then blend it witht he blender. Blend for a long time, to make it smooth and velvety. Serve hothothot and with all your pretty garnishes that everyone can add to their own taste.

Et voila! Your Pumpkin Spice Cream is ready! In the end I was completely converted to the curry-ginger combination, so I think this will be my pumpkin cream forever.


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