Heirloom Carrot and Ginger Cream

We’re in Tübingen! And staying in a lovely airbnb. Today, for a change, we decided to have dinner at home and went to the local farmer’s market, which is absolutely fantastic, to be inspired.

We came back with carrots of three colours, baby onions, ginger, dill, pine nuts, strawberries, limes …and various other things.

What I used in this recipe was:

  • heirloom carrots
  • fresh ginger
  • baby onions
  • butter
  • stock (optional)
  • powdered turmeric
  • powdered cloves
  • salt and pepper

–> for a vegan version, leave out the butter and sour cream topping 😉

For the topping:

  • sour cream
  • lime zest and a drop of lime juice
  • pine nuts
  • fresh dill
  • some carrot trimmings

Peel the carrots. I love how the colours stood out when the carrots were peeled!

now chop up the carrots, dice the onions and the ginger

In a non-stick pot let the onion and the ginger soften in a dollop of butter

then add the carrots and some stock or, if you want a lighter version, just warm water

When the carrots have been boiling for a while, add the turmeric, salt, pepper and a pinch of cloves.

Now let the soup boil for a while until the carrots are tender.

When they are, take the pot off the heat and blend the whole thing.

Add the topping….et voila! Ready to be tasted and enjoyed!

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