A Random Sunday Part I

Last Sunday we found this leaflet under the windshield wiper of the car.


So this Sunday, up we got and out we went, looking for this amazing flower market that was being publicised.

What we found was a dull village in the outskirts of Madrid and an even duller market, that had nothing flowery about it. It was very small, very amateur and very disappointing. The only two amazing things were the baker’s stand and the notherner selling sausages, cheeses and other cold cuts. Here are the photos!

The bakers



The oven they were baking in and the baker’s glove. Serious stuff!
We bought onion bread (amazing!)
and a little roll with bacon wrapped inside!
Flowery ladies
We tasted this cured belly and it was rich. So rich.
Flowery wreaths. Very hippy.
We stopped at a stand with two men from Santander, and this is what we had: sidra (cider), queso cabral (hand made cream-cheese spread) and chorizo cooked in sidra.
The chorizo cooking in sidra
Sidra needs to be poured in this spectacular way.
This lamp was actually being sold. Not worth buying it, but it made for a pretty photo.
A little granny doing crochet.






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