Spanish landscapes

As previously mentioned, a few Sundays ago we decided to lose ourselves in the Spanish countryside. Driving around gave us the chance to see some picture-perfect landscapes, that probably wouldn’t have been as nice had we planned this tour.

I’m currently reading a great book, and there’s a whole passage about how, having enormously positive and high expectations, the protagonist is rarely satisfied with anything that then occurs. She simply doesn’t like it because she had imagined the unimaginable and the unimaginable can never be real. Well, seldom, at most.

Anyway I was reading that passage and I thought back to our impromptu Sunday excursion and realised that what made it so special, what made it so inspiring was just that: the fact that we hadn’t planned it and hadn’t expected anything, so even the smallest beautiful thing was covered with a veil of pleasant surprise and so became amazing.

In the future I’m going to try and do that: notice the things I hadn’t expected, not read too much about a place beforehand, figure out what I really liked about a certain place or trip and if the element of unexpectedness was key.

And I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, some photos of the beautifully unexpected.













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