Today, we are sinners.

A few months ago Boyfriend and I learnt how to make sushi.

This was the first time we made it ourselves at home.

Yesterday I was in an upscale market in Madrid and decided that it was time. We would make sushi again.

So I bought some salmon, butterfish and tuna, which is where the “sin” part of this post comes in: I never eat tuna. Tuna is endangered, full of heavy metals, imported from far, far away and I decided a few years back never to eat it. Except for rare exceptions 😀 because I love it. I do! We found a nice substitute for rice salads in mackerel, but nothing beats fresh, raw red tuna. Nothing.

Yesterday was one of those rare exceptions, and when the fish monger asked me how much I wanted I bought ten euros worth. Which seemed like a very small amount for such a price, but when I got home I realised that, once again, I had bought too much food.

Which usually isn’t a problem in this house.

So after making sushi last night (it was great! We made the classic combos: tuna-avocado, butterfish-carrot, salmon-zucchini – we would have used cucumber but Boyfriend doesn’t really like it) this morning I looked in the fridge and at the tuna and, after deciding it was a waste to sear it made tartare.

In this photo the avocado has been diced and already left to soak up some olive oil, lime, salt and pepper. The tuna is undressed, as such.

The only prepping you need to do is:

dice the tuna, dice the avocado, grind the pistachios with a mortar and chop some into little pieces (so you both have powder and chunks) and make the dressing.

Make the tuna dressing with olive oil, sesame oil, lime juice, soy sauce, salt, pepper, wasabi and the ground and chopped pistachios.

Taste the dressing. I always make a point of tasting the dressing, ever since I started making mojitos. What? You’re probably thinking. Well, I learnt how to make mojitos in Cordoa from an ornithologist from Burgos that had just been to Cuba. He stressed the fact that, after having mushed the lime, mint and sugar together you absolutely had to taste it, because if it was good then the whole mojito would be good, but if it wasn’t then you had to keep on working on it. And I realised that yes, it’s true – you always have to taste not just the final product but also all the intermediate steps – in salads, even the dressing.

So taste it – if it’s good, you’re great. Throw in the tuna and toss it gently with its dressing!

Only toss the tuna with the dressing right before you want to eat – the lime etc will start cooking the fish and you don’t want that, not in this recipe!

And then you’re done! Here’s the end result, with two heart-shaped pistachios pieces that I only noticed when I took the photo:

DSC_7413 copy



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