How I ate my bagels

A few weeks ago I went to Costco, here in Madrid. I love Costco, and when it opened last November I was one of the first to buy a membership card. The last time I went, I bought myself some Everything Bagels, which are basically onion bagels with lots of different kinds of seeds on top. I bought six, and this is how I ate them.

Bagel n1


Simple yet delicious: salted butter, anchovies and cucumber. That’s it.

Bagel n2


Norwegian-inspired, at first I sauteed the shrimps in chilli oil, a few drops of fish sauce and a tiny bit of white wine. Then, I added some peas. Because I love peas. The sauce you see is 1/3 mayo and 2/3 plain, greek yoghurt, to keep it light. An egg was hard-boiled, then peeled and chopped into the mix. No onion was needed, since the bagel was already oniony. A bed of lettuce et….voila!

Bagel n3&4



Raw salmon. Sesame oil. Salt. Pepper. A drop (a drop!) of soy sauce. Wasabi paste. Diced tomatoes. Avocado, marinated in lemon. Spring onion. Shreds of fresh salad. Magic.

Bagel n5


It tastes like tuna but it’s not, because I try to eat as little tuna as possible here at home. This is mackerel, and it’s mixed with mayo, dijon mustard, lettuce shreds and that’s it.

Bagel n6



This was, by far, my favourite.

There’s a poached egg there. And the sauce is a curry sauce, made with onions, cream, bouillon cube, curry, cumin, honey mustard. Fresh garlic on top (yep, they have that here). On the side are my yummy roasted butternut squash wedges (much healthier than potato wedges … and tastier too!). Honestly, this was so good I need to make it again.



Considering that I finished my bagels….. I need to get back to Costco. Quick!

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