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Narbonne – views

once you see these photos, you’ll need to visit Narbonne!

A View of Tangiers

fascinating city!

Narbonne’s Cathedral’s Stained Glass

and a statue, too

Cafe Baba

Where all the celebrities went

Inside Narbonne’s Cathedral

the candles..

Narbonne’s Cathedral

Four of the best photos

A Walk in the Woods (Stockholm – the Birds)

so many birds!

French Breakfast

What better on a Monday morning?

A Walk in the Woods (Stockholm edition)

A beaver and a woman walking her pet … which was not the pet I was expecting to see!

Narbonne’s Fish Market

how many fish markets have I managed to visit during my travels?

Street Poetry

Beauty in one of its oldest forms


Last summer, we stopped here for one night.

The First 3D-printed Bridge

the first in the world!

En Passant

(I was people watching. Shhhhhhh)

San Lorenzo

the inside

Dancing Swedes

Yes, that’s what I wrote!

San Lorenzo

The Outside

Travel Food – Stockholm

We ate well

Boat Tour (Part II)

This is the one with the giraffe

Boat Tour (part I)

Part II will be online next week!