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The Hanging Houses of Cuenca

nothing of what, honestly

The Fish Market

Yes, another one. But this is in a different country!

Dinner in Cuenca

And what a dinner!


(no, not that one)

The port

It might have not been a good idea

Remembering the cold

It was cold and snowy and 100% worthwhile!

Under the fish market

my shirt smelt like fish when we walked out..


A lovely getaway

The fish market

in Tangiers

B&W Fish

sardines, to be precise

Looking at it again…

…I really like this photo. Do you?

Our ride

we loved it

They see me rollin’

Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty

Loading Bikes

on a bus

Should I knock?

Some of these door knobs in Tangiers were very tempting. I never knocked, but who knows what I would have found if I had.

The Boss

Just chillin’

There is a candle in your heart


Little cars

mini tiny and cute!

Our taxi

We winged it