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Koi Carps


Making Wontons

which we then ate

Orchid Madness

Number 1

The Last Poppy

on the river bank

Parisian Weather

this is how today is going

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Grand is the right word!

Palacio Longoria – the patio

Because every Spanish house must have a patio

Palacio Longoria – the most beautiful thing

I need this in my house.

Palacio Longoria – the stairwell

Why I went

Palacio Longoria – finally, after three years…

…I managed to see it.

San Francesco

My favourite church in the world

Throwback Thursday…

…to when we had dinner with Franco.

Random Houses of Cuenca

Some extras I had


shhhh..they’re sleeping!


The cathedral is in this post. Just saying.

The Vertical Houses of Cuenca

look up!

Looking for the Houses

I saw some beautiful things on my way there

The River

There’s a photo of a sexy fisherman in this post. Come on….come see!

Sharks in Oman

Shame, Sadness and Loss

The Colourful Houses of Cuenca

Why aren’t these in any magazine?