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We’re going to Greece!

We’re going to Greece!  (was the repetition necessary? Yes it was) I’ve never been and have been considering it for a while. However family trips are usually aimed further away and personal trips are usually aimed at cheaper locations with some kind of support… Continue Reading “We’re going to Greece!”

The Heeland coo

I went to Scotland last week. I saw the Highland Cow (or Heeland Coo, as it’s pronounced in the incredibly difficult Scottish accent dictates). On wikipedia, they are described as a long-horned, wavy-haired cows whose coat can be black, brindled, red, yellow or dun.… Continue Reading “The Heeland coo”

Dismissing the past?

A surprise monument full of history

A day at the beach

Valencia, Spain. One very particular day at the beach.     Finally we found a larger road, slid onto it and spotted a sign pointing out a beach. We followed a dirt road, parked when it finished and walked towards the Mediterranean sea. We… Continue Reading “A day at the beach”


Warm colours seem to be recurrent in Spanish cities. Santander is an orange city with a darker terra di Siena background. When I arrived it was drizzling; chirimiri is the name for it up here – an ethereal layer of wetness that covers everything with… Continue Reading “Santander”

Feeding Madrid’s insects

A Xylocopa sp. on our lavender. We have a very narrow windowsill but still managed to plant a handful of aromatic plants…and we are not the only ones that are enjoying them!

Never Alone

I consider myself a social person. I knew this already, but I finally knew it on the day I had my “Saturday quest” in Granada. I was feeling lonely and set myself some tasks to do that sunny, sunny autumn day so I’d feel as if… Continue Reading “Never Alone”

In Russia for two hours

There are no plants in Terminal E of Sheremetyevo International Airport. The sqeaky clean large-tiled grey and white floor mirrors the grey, white and luminescent squares on the ceiling. Everything is clean, cold and quiet. The travelers drip through passport control and somehow are silenced. Not… Continue Reading “In Russia for two hours”

The essence of decadence

A young, bearded man sitting on a stool behind a cardboard box, covered with a cloth typing on an old, black typewriter in candlelight. On a sign, the handwritten words: Free Poems Poemas Gratis On the cardboard box, covered with the cloth, in front… Continue Reading “The essence of decadence”

Razzismo inconscio?

C’era un ragazzo in treno che dormiva. Jeans lunghi, scarponcini, polo. Rasato, capelli corti curati, di colore. Ce n’era un’altro, che dormiva, di circa la stessa età del primo. Pantaloncini corti, t-shirt, rasato, capelli di media lunghezza curati, bianco. Passa il controllore. Sveglia entrambi… Continue Reading “Razzismo inconscio?”

My free day (memorable quotes, carrots et al.)

I have a free weekend every two: I work one (saturday and sunday) and I rest the other. This weekend is my free weekend, and I did not go into Windhoek like I did the last free weekend I had, because of technical difficulties… Continue Reading “My free day (memorable quotes, carrots et al.)”


The definition of “Game” is: any non domesitcated animal hunted for food. There is then large game – eland, hartebeest, kudu, oryx etc – and small game – various birds, warthogs, steinbok, duiker etc. Just in case you were wondering.

The Elating Eland Adventure

Apparently there is a game farm, about one hour away, that has an overgrazing problem: the farmer’s animals are too happy and too many. Apparently the farmer is giving N/a’an Ku Se some of his animals. Among others: eland. Rudie (the boss of bosses;… Continue Reading “The Elating Eland Adventure”