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Pygmy Kingfisher

A very small splash of colour


Peaches and Pears

snippets of our garden in Ravenna

Flowers and weeds

and a wee bit of random poetry

A day with Khaleesi

Not only humans are aware of the importance of a good pose.


I had to take a photo for that weekly contest I participate in, remember? Well, the other day at school I saw this paper coffee cup in the sun was perfect. Because I liked the photo so much, I’m going to publish it…

I couldn’t not

…do this

Urban Nature

This week’s photo contest theme

It’s Spring here…

…is it Spring there, too?

Standing out

colour power

The good thing about taking photos is…

you’re never out of original ideas for cards!

The ca(c)t(us)

A cactus. A cat. A ca(c)t(us).

Dead Dahlia

Yet another outing at the Jardin Botanico

Winged jewels

It is impossible to imagine anything so lovely as these little Humming Birds, their variety and the extraordinary brilliancy of their colours. Queen Victoria, 1851 They poise themselves in the air, we hear not the humming of the wings, but we can almost fancy…

Paris on t’aime. Même en hiver.

One never sees Paris for the first time; one always sees it again… Edmondo de Amicis The timeless Paris. Paris is always the same. Nothing changes in Paris. This post is, clearly, about Paris. And its everlasting-ness. We went back to the french capital…

More Autumn, more leaves

A while ago, in Oslo, I saw this tree. Too amazing not to take photos of!

Crocus sativus

Gorgeous. This photo took a lot of time and patience, but I think it was worth it. Taken at the Real Jardin Botanico of Madrid.


As you might have noticed, it’s officially Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Well, at least in Europe, I’m not sure about everyone else. On Sunday we went to the Botanical Gardens of Madrid and it was beautiful. The flowers (yes, there were flowers), the…

It is officially Autumn

The other day I woke up to a sound that had obviously seeped into my unconscious mind and nudged it into consciousness. I opened my eyes and listened. A gurgling sound reached my ears and, recognising it, I sprang out of bed and stared out…

The Heeland coo

I went to Scotland last week. I saw the Highland Cow (or Heeland Coo, as it’s pronounced in the incredibly difficult Scottish accent dictates). On wikipedia, they are described as a long-horned, wavy-haired cows whose coat can be black, brindled, red, yellow or dun….